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Crazy Fairies
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Crazy Fairies is a Free to play, 3D Cross Platform (PC, iOS, and Android), Turn-based Action MMO Game.

„Crazy Fairies: One World is the First Real 3D Cross Platform Online Game. It is an item based fairy tale that you can run on all mobile and desktop systems!”Crazy Fairies is inspired by the worms series, is an item centric warfield that puts player against player or player against PC bot, players can use a variety of weapons to kill the other players on a 2D plane.

The biggest problem with Crazy Fairies is how unbalanced are the weapons, Thor's Hammer (which causes chain lightning) and Artemis' Bow (which fires multiple arrows at once) are the most deadly weapons in the game. All other weapons are almost useless by comparison.

Despite that, Crazy Fairies in the end of the day is a fun enjoyable arcade game.



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Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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