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Knight Online
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Knight Online is a MMORPG set in a medieval world

The biggest feature in the game that should interest players is the constant struggle between two warring nations. One nation is made up of humans and is called El Morad while the other side is made up of Orc tribes and is known as Karus. Through this war, characters can receive various rewards and titles. The best players can even rule over castles and cities.

The game's looks are not the only thing that feels all too familiar, the game feels and handles like any other MMORPG as well. As you play you feel that your character is one big chunk of pixels, the movements are not that smooth and there are times that the camera angle is an irritation as well.

Knight Online is a grind-fest. Even if you're able to find out the best place to level your character up it would take you a while before getting a level-up. The game does, however, provide you an alternative if you do not want to waste away killing the same monster from hours till end. Yup, that's right, buy the premium.The game does have a decent drop rate. It is not hard for you to get decent equipment on the first hour of your gameplay. This, however, is counter-balanced with the best equipment for your character being a harder feat to achieve if you want to hunt for it.

It remains to be seen however if the game does have enough merit for you to spend your money on it to get about 20% increase in earning experience points with an increase in your drop rates. There are other perks you get upon purchasing the premium membership but these are the two most noticeable.Putting it bluntly, the game does not offer anything new to the genre. What you have is a game that has some bits and pieces of other MMOs all packed into a semi-medieval setting.


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