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Kings Heroes
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Kings Heroes is a Game on Android , Strategy New free and Multiplayer .

The enemies rush to your towers.

Defend your castle, summon your heroes to defeat enemy’s castle.

Select your heroes and change the tide of battle.

- Select the heroes and level up the skills!

Let's choose between the Human, the Beast, and the Devil.

Collect the heroes and Level up the heroes’ skills!

- Defeat the enemies and destroy the castle!

The best defense is a good offense!

Summon the heroes with simple touch and drag, defeat the enemy’s castle!

- Dispatch the heroes, explore the unknown, and get the resources!

Upgrade the facilities in your town, get the resources to level up the heroes!

Let the heroes explore to the unknown and collect the resources!

- New updates are coming soon!

New heroes, maps, and various mode of game play will update soon .

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