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Warhammer Quest Silver Tower
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Warhammer Quest Silver Tower is a Game on Android , Strategy New free and Multiplayer .

Battle your way through hundreds of stages with unique tactical challenges, using your favourite Champions from Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar. Fight through the chaotic Silver Tower. Lair of the hideous Gaunt Summoner.

Stormcast, Darkoath, Aelves, and other Champions from all over the Mortal Realms will enter the tower, driven by vengeance, honour, or even to gain the boon of the Gods themselves. They will fight Acolytes, Tzaangors, Daemons and all manner of monsters that make up the legions of the Chaos God Tzeentch.

Only by beating the Summoner’s trials can the Champions have a chance at escape!

FIGHT TACTICAL BATTLES - Strategic skirmishes to test your inner tactician.

SUMMON EPIC CHAMPIONS - From the Age of Sigmar, and each with a unique skillset and gameplay.

HUGE CAMPAIGN - Experience over 200 battles across 25 unique environments.

DAILY QUESTS - Hand-crafted Quests sent to your device every single day.

HOARDS OF TREASURE - Choose from hundreds of weapons, items, and trinkets to level up your team.

BOONS - Customize your Champions to unlock new gameplay .

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