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Soul of Guardian (SOG)
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Soul of Guardian (SOG) is a Free to Play, Browser-Based Action, Role Playing MMO Game, a perfect combination of different cultures in a fantasy world.

„Soul of Guardian is a browser based ARPG, a perfect combination of different cultures. It pictures a world of fantasy with four classes of characters, six guardian beasts with outstanding power and two nations with distinct goals, definitely a refreshing experience to your senses!

Soul of Guardian has four classes-Blade Warrior, Dagger Assassin, Hammer Judge and Spear Guard

Blade Warrior:

Blade Warrior from Battle Warden is equipped by sword as the main weapon. Even though there are just these words to describe this role in WSGAME Soul of Guardian, Blade Warrior has free access to any realms. As a result, nobody dare to be his enemy and against him without reasons.

Role Character: Excellent Close Combat Skill, High Accuracy and High Crit.

Dagger Assassin:

Dagger Assassin from Battle Warden is good at poison. In WSGAME Soul of Guardian, anyone, who look down on Dance seemed with slight appearance and be their enemies foolishly, will die both in unbearable pain and with endless regret. Role Character: Excellent Ranged Attack Skill, High Durability and Balanced Skill.

Hammer Judge:

Hammer Judge from Soul Envoy is to destroy hopes. In WSGAME Soul of Guardian, all people have recognized he should not be provoked. What he only does is to crush the enemy’s hope of escape. Role Character: Excellent Close Combat Skill, High Attack and Defense.

Spear Guard:

Spear Guard from Soul Envoy is to control demons. In WSGAME Soul Of Guardian, he is the most mysterious and the last people want to see in Soul Of Guardian. So Flair is the mystery that people never want to solve. Role Character: Excellent Ranged Attack Skill and Close Combat Skill, High Dodge and Tenacity.


In the Battlesoul Continent, there only exist four elements at first: wind, fire, water and earth. About one million years ago, these elements became conscious and the four element Gods came into being. After 100,000 years, the four Gods created soul, the ancestors of the Battlesoul Clan. Then the four gods started to rest and sleep because of the power consumption. As another 100,000 years passed by, the soul could no longer bear the immense loneliness in the world so he created a tiger beast to accompany him. After that, in accordance with the looks of him and his beast, he continued the replication and created the Battlesoul clan and Beast clan. These made him lose so much power that his body turned into chaos and fell into a deep sleep. The tiger beast ruled the herd, assisted with the Battlesoul Clan and they lived happily ever after. About 10,000 years ago, the earth was cracked and from hell ran an incredible devil - Imprisoned Demon, which exists in the four elements Gods era. And his aim is to destroy the Battlesoul Clan and Beast Clan as the guardians of Gods from the four elements. For a time, Battlesoul Continent waged, then the Battlesoul Clan and Beast Clan resist in order to survive, which finally awakened the sleeping Soul. The Imprisoned Demon was driven back to the hell by the Soul and Beast and the Soul re-sealed him with Soul of Guardian which is the highest skills given by the four element Gods. It is just a legend, no one knows the real situation, no one will get to the truth of this early history; but we all know, the name-Battlesoul Continent came from battle between the Imprisoned Demon and the Soul, and there are a million years since then. That era is also called the Soul of Guardian. This is how Soul of Guardian story began and continues. Today, in the mysterious Battlesoul Continent, the thrill and excited adventure is in full swing.”



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