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Soul Captor
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Soul Captor is a Free to Play, multi-platform Role Playing MMO Game featuring a unique Anima and Soul System.

„When you become an Oracle and enter the Dual World in Soul Captor, you will soon encounter characters, monsters and potential allies, all set against a full fantasy setting. Anima Soul System - With the unique Anima and Soul System, you conquer foes and capture their souls into your Soulpedia for information, mounting or converting into items to enchance your character. Your very own Anima is by your side through thick and thin, battling together with you, and supporting you. Male or female, you can customize the look of your Anima to match your own character, or give them their own colorful style.

Animas are cute lifelong companions of Oracles (player characters). Other than being cute, they are very capable of assisting you in battle by fighting monsters, protecting you as their master and most importantly collecting Soul Spirits. Souls are collected into the Soulpedia and can be accumulated into energy to elevate its own, or its master’s talents. Your Anima will help protect your mission as a main priority and is a very faithful little helper. Just as there are mounts for player characters, there are also mounts for your Anima. These are known as Animounts.

Soul Captor holds a vast world for players to explore. The world is abundant with powerful Boss monsters, Elite monsters and Ordinary monsters. Through quests, players will gain a nice amount of experience – that is not forgetting the good experience gained through participation in the dailies. New dungeons are available as player’s progress through the levels. These dungeon instances reward players with experience and the possibility to improve on their current gear. Dungeons with varying difficulty can be taken as 1-2 players or more, with the harder difficulty selected, more team work is required to kill the monsters.”


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