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Baby Manor
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Baby Manor is a Game on Android , Puzzle New and free .

Baby Manor is an addictive unique puzzle game that combines baby raising simulation & home decoration & match 3 gameplay. It not only has extremely gorgeous decorations and exquisite elements, but also has a warm-hearted storyline. Explore fascinating stories as you play, recognize vivid characters, and join their exciting lives! Well-designed puzzles, colorful and varied boosters, tons of match 3 puzzle fun, at Baby Manor you will never get bored .

Help novice daddy take care of the baby and build a warm and perfect home! Bobby took his wife Sarah and baby back to the old house where the great-grandma left behind. He hoped that his son would have a happy and carefree childhood in the place where he grew up. There are too many memories in this old house, let’s explore together .

Bobby's father-in-law seems not like Bobby, and stewardess Sarah has to leave home to work from time to time. Can Bobby decorate his new home before his father-in-law arrives? Can he become a qualified daddy who can take care of the baby on his own? He needs your help .

Breaking through exciting match 3 levels to decorate old house, unlock ever more chapters in the fascinating story along the way .

Game Features :

-Exciting match 3 puzzle challenges

Matching items has never been more fun!

Match baby items and solve hundreds of addictive blast match 3 puzzle levels;

Match pieces to create unique, powerful boosters in this fun match 3 puzzle game!

-Baby raising story

To help Bobby become a qualified daddy;

The Baby role will appear in the levels and accompany you breaking through!

-Mansion style design

Give full play to your creativity, a variety of decoration styles are up to you to decide;
Renovate the old house and dress up it as you like!

-Addictive and enjoyable gameplay

Collect milk bottles, follow the story and complete the task;

Collect the panda and find the bear hidden in the box;

There are bulldozers, swimming pools, doughnuts, jam bottles and more obstacles waiting for you to challenge!

-Vivid storyline

Enjoy plot twists in the story and collect puzzles;

Unlock interesting illustrations to bring you different multiple joys!

-Friend interaction

Connect FB, share fun with your friends!

-Play anywhere

Baby Manor is FREE to play and available online or offline. Play this exciting match 3 game anywhere!

Differences from other games :

-Unique gameplay that combines baby-rising simulation with match 3 on the market

-Different from normal situation, dad takes care of the baby is a unique subject

-Home Decoration & Baby dressing up: Unlock new furniture by unlocking the new storyline, renovate the shabby mansion, and help baby change costume

-The story is close to daily life. Family story is easy to resonate with novice parents

-More popular mini puzzle games will be added

-Fine art style. Extremely gorgeous decorations and exquisite elements .

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