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Kingdom of Heroes
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Kingdom of Heroes is a Game on Android , Role-Playing Strategy , New free and Multiplayer .

Legit Turn-based RPG!! Turn-based tactical battle on a hexagon battlefield ! Engage in thrilling strategy with your Heroes' every turn ! Begin your journey in a fantasy world to unite the Lorasian continent beside powerful Heroes .

- Various Heroes portrayed in a beautifully illustrated world of fantasy -

Form your best party by creating various Hero line-ups with Heroes of specialized skills.

Identical Heroes can perform differently depending on Rune composition.

Combine Heroes to summon even more powerful Heroes.

- Test your strategy in various modes -

- Test the limits of your Heroes! : Tower of Arrogance

- Acquire the best Runes for your Heroes! : Rune Dungeon

- Dominate your opponents with your very own Hero line-up : Arena

- Awaken the hidden powers of your Heroes : Awakening Valley

- Collect Hero Pieces to summon Heroes : Rift Dungeon

- Join a Guild and participate in Guild Raids to fight daily bosses and triumph in Guild Wars with comrades

- Defeat the all powerful conquistador from a different realm : Alter Realm .

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