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Rebirth Online
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Rebirth Online is a Game on PC , Action Role-Playing RPG , New free and Multiplayer .

Adventures await in a world brought to life by realistic graphics. Experience genuine adventures in the grand world of Rebirth Online . Battle, craft, explore, and combine different types of equipment and abilities to create your own style of play .

- Breathtaking Real-Time Action -

Experience the high-quality full 3D graphics, and vast open world that allows you to fight in real-time

Enjoy the perfect MMO with millions of people anywhere, anytime.

- The Best Graphics -

The high-fidelity graphics

Colorful background with high quality full 3D graphics

- Explore the vast open field contents -

Experience anywhere the real-time open field PvP Play

Various field bosses to slay together with friends, on a large scale.

- Another society : Community & Clans -

Guild vs Guild massive battles in real-time openfield

Various contents including Boss Raid and Guild .

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