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Ice Age Online
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Ice Age Online is a Free to Play, Browser-Based, Adventure MMO Game based on the Ice Age movie franchise.

Ice Age Online is nothing special a classic side scrolling game with nice graphics that run in any browser, this not mean the game is bad or something not working it's just the game don't add nothing new to the genre. I personally, was expecting more from this world wide known title, if i may say so, I was little bit disappointed at the start.

"In Ice Age Online, players take on the role of a sloth who discovers the perfect home for its herd, but suddenly becomes separated by a volcanic eruption. To survive, players must rescue the lost members and build camps for their prehistoric animal friends through a combination of mission and jump-n-run gameplay. Throughout multiple game modes and the World Map, a variety of locations can be explored – the Ice Floes, Grassy Plains, Jungle, and Glacier – based on familiar settings within the blockbuster movie franchise.

The platform game, built atop the Unity 3D platform, will also feature a friends list, activity graph, leaderboards, and the opportunity for friends and families to visit each other’s camps and leave gifts behind.  As players learn to utilize special skills and master the collection of precious acorns and materials needed to construct camps, they will unlock new achievements and bonuses – including one level where players are able to take control of Diego, the lightning-fast saber tooth tiger, and race along a challenging obstacle course."



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Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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