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Runelords Arena
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Runelords Arena is a Game on Android , Strategy TBS , New free and Multiplayer .

Runelords Arena is a turn-based strategy game in which your heroes, skills, creativity, and a dash of luck will lead you to victory. Pick from hundreds of heroes hailing from eight unique races; and ascend the throne of Runelords with your unique tactics and strategies .

Game Features :

- The NEXT LEVEL of Turn-based strategy

Combine powerful heroes in unique ways and battle on a turn-based battlefield.

Unpredictable turn-based battles with an exciting strategic layer.

- Assemble your dream team among 5 classes

Level up heroes, skills, and runes to strengthen your party and take on ever more powerful threats.

Create powerful heroes by combining over 20 different types of runes.

- Build a name for yourself in global matchmaking

Ascends through the ranks of a global leaderboard. Fair and challenging real-time ranked battles await!

- An epic fantasy

A continent-spanning tale, full of mystery and intrigue

- Relaxing and hassle-free idle mode

Worried about playing too hard? No problem, your heroes will fight for you while you’re offline!

Free diamonds, coins, and various rewards await you each day!

- Variety-packed gameplay with a wealth of reward!

A wealth of different game modes, including Campaign, Dungeon Crawl, Mirage Tower, and more .

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