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With Heroes Idle RPG
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With Heroes Idle RPG is a Game on Android , Role-Playing New free and Multiplayer .

Fight alongside historical, mythical, and fairy tale heroes to become the center of an INCREDIBLE world .

- Napoleon ! Guan Yu ! Genghis Khan ! Take over the world with your best combo of fiercest conquerors

- Fabre! Beethoven ! Anderson ! Explore the world with your own band of unique historical figures

- Odin! Zeus ! Michael ! Oversee the heavens and universe by forming your team of celestial heroes .

- Casual Everywhere, Free-to-do Anything -

Relax and Battle - Enjoy the convenience of the idle auto-play system

Anytime, Anywhere - Sit back offline and claim the rewards that are being harvested every moment by your heroes

- Unique Heroes -

Character- Collect famous historical and mythical individuals reborn as 3D characters

Class - Warrior, Supporter, Mage, Assassin, Ranger

Factions - Holy, Chaos, Nature, Frost, Flame

Growth - Level, Evolution, Skill, Card, Aquaintance Effect

Equipment - Weapon/Ring/Necklace/Hood/Armor/Boot

- Exciting Content -

Quest - Reap abundant rewards upon unlocking achievements and completing missions

Dungeon - Claim plenty of riches through auto-battle and item farming

Portal Battle - How far can you push your limits? Engage in the never-ending wars of the arcane portals

Colosseum - Assemble a mighty team of heroes against players from all around the globe! Take up the challenge to seize the highest honor

- Various Guild Content -

Guild Mines - Obtain materials to EVOLVE your characters

Guild Exploration] Obtain materials to UPGRADE the finest equipments

Guild Boss - Fight alongside your guild members to eliminate the boss

Guild Wars - Engage in PVP through diplomacy, pave the way to your guild's victory

Guild Shop - Receive rewards for your battle attribution

Guild Skill - Boost the team combat power! Together we are stronger .

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