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Tupilak Invasion
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Tupilak Invasion is a Game on Android , Strategy Role-Playing , New and free .

Tupilak , the avenging monster, have risen and joint hands together to invade and take over the world. Mankind is in the edge of disasters. Heroes from different parts of the world has now come together and put up their best and strongest self to raise the defense and start their striking war against this world of tupilak apocalypse. Tupilak Invasion is a free survival game where you can practice your war strategy skills and be the winning leader the world needs to fight against the furious Tupilak troops.

Get ready to use up all the powerful weapons all countries have gathered and survive the Tupilak attack that invade the world. Conquer it all and let the humankind survive this biggest apocalypse of all time. Tupilak invasion is the top survival game where you can fend off an endless waves of Tupilak army as long as you can think and act fast. Defense and attack to combat them all.

Enjoy this ultimate apocalypse game with the following amazing survival features :

- Easy control of the game to master all the attack battle required to defend your countrymen

- Collecting various powerful weapons to ease up the journey to a war victory against Tupilak invasion

- Upgradable units and abilities to power up for a better winning battle payout

- The top winning survival game to practice and master your war strategy skills

- Go on a courageous PvZ strategy game attack battle war to defeat the evil Tupilak and have the legendary victory

- Absolutely FREE strategy game and control all the survivors

- High quality incredible defense game graphic designs and sound effects .

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