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Animal Spa
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Animal Spa is a Game on Android , Casual New and free .

Welcome to Animal Spa. Animal Spa is an idle management simulation casual game. Animal Spa is located in a valley with the best scenery and natural spas. Animals usually go to the spa when they want to get relax. The spa has already become the most popular spot among animals. The animal spa is ran by cute cats and you need to pay fish for the spa .

Game Key Features :

- Easy and simple gameplay that anyone can enjoy

- Cute animals as your guests, unlock hidden guests

- Multiple choice of spas & landscape to build your unique spa hotel

- Auto harvest and auto merge system

- Unlock new lobbies and doorplate to get more income

- Idle & relaxing game ever, a game to cure you .

How to Play

- Build new spas, merge spas to level up spas

- Invite animals to the spas

- Satisfy the different needs of animals

- Collect the fish and build more spas .

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