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Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9)
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Continent of the Ninth Seal or in short C9 is a Free to play, Action MMO Game with console-style precise control, variety of skill combos, and strong Role-Playing base contents.

„C9 (Continent of the Ninth Seal) is an upcoming Action MORPG that casts players as heroes of the Glenheim continent taking a stand against Neper who is going to open the gate of the other world to summon his followers. With console-style precise control, variety of skill combos, and strong RPG base contents, C9 aters to the action fans, but also has impressive thing for everyone.

Ultimate Fury Skills are the most powerful skills a player can learn. You can only use Ultimate Fury Skills in Fury Formation, and they consume 300 Skill Stones and MP. Fury Formation allows you to use various abilities for 30 seconds, including Super Armor, Increased Movement Speed, Increased Attack Speed, and Increased Attack Power. Certain artisan foods and the Aura of Fury can also fill your Fury Gauge. You can learn Fury Formation through upgrades, but you cannot use it in Arenas.”


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