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Train town 3 match
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Train town 3 match is a Game on Android , Puzzle New and free .

Train town is a unique blend of 3-match merge puzzle and city building. Rebuild your train town(city) which became a wasteland by unknown dragon tornado .

Help townspeople recover their “Home” which used to be full of joy and happiness. Townspeople still don't give up hope on their train town .

Follow characters' stories, deal with your people's request and restore all the buildings in town by merge block puzzle. Explore over 80 train stations, obtain over 50 construction materials & rebuild over 20 different styles of buildings in your town.

Game Features :

- Merge construction materials -

- Discover over 50 construction materials through train stations.

- Freely drag materials on the field and merge 3 of same materials to discover a new material.

- Don’t be afraid to come empty-handed. Craftman will produce a materials for you.

- Merge materials floating on the water to clear a path for the raft carrying a material you need.

- Feed hungry animals and dragons fruit, or they will eat up all materials .

- Rebuild the train township -

- Rebuild houses in your town and welcome returning people!

- Rebuild commercial buildings and revive town economy at request of townspeople!

- Collect taxes and fund and improve your town!

- Tricky puzzle games -

- Hundreds of quest to challenge through over 80 stations (stage)!

- Even more new levels to be updated!

- Tricky levels to challenge your mind!

- Transport game -

- It is a graphic that reminds you of the memories of car, truck simulator, train simulator, and bus simulator games that you used to enjoy when you were young .

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