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Black Book Prologue
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Black Book Prologue is a Game on PC , Turn-Based Strategy TBS , New and free .

Black Book Prologue is a free standalone version of the game, featuring an essential part of the story - the First Day of Vasilisa becoming a witch. Welcome to the mysterious, yet intriguing world of Black Book - an Adventure game mixed with deck building turn-based combat, inspired by the likes of Slay the Spire.

In the game, you’ll step forth into the rural countryside as Vasilisa - an apprentice sorcerer, trained in witchcraft. Travel across the lands as you aid common folk by persuading - and sometimes battling - the otherworldly creatures of Slavic myth.

- Uncover the seals of Black Book

- Unleash hellish spells on your enemies! Collect spell cards and new skills as you progress.

- A Historic Adventure

- solve riddles and complete side-quests as you learn more about life in the countryside of olden Russia.

- Myths and legends

- Explore a world based on Northern Russian mythology. Learn from an in-game encyclopedia, created with the help of expert anthropologists - and find all folk tales hidden within the game!

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