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Luna The Dimension Watcher
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Luna The Dimension Watcher is a Game on PC , Action Strategy , New free and Multiplayer .

Large Corps Strategic Defense RPG Adventures Massive Maps .

Luna's Expedition , Great Adventures of Disrupted Dimensions

The third installment of the trilogy , Luna The Watcher of Dimension , following "The Castle of Nightmare" and "Luna: The Dragon of Kelpy Mountain," begins.

- 'RPG in the form of Strategic Defense', which depicts the war against the desperate demons of the another world, which has emerged on the continent of Stonia, where the dimensions disrupted.

- We've implemented a much more strategic battle than conventional games by introducing a tactical system that allows us to specify the movements of heroes.

- The user can choose to play the game on their own by introducing a highly flexible cross-road system that allows users to proceed in every corner of the world map in the direction they want.

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