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Heroes Showdown
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Heroes Showdown is a Game on PC , Strategy New free and Multiplayer .

Heroes Showdown is an auto battler game in which heroes are strategically placed on grid-based battlefields to engage in automatic battles with their opponents.

The ultimate goal is to survive in the fight of 8 players competing against each other. The strategy is to create a strong combination of strong heroes and to plan efficient resource management. Now compete with players from all over the world on the battlefield of the Heroes Showdown .

- Experience a true team battle - Send your own Heroes to support your team. Level up your heroes and upgrade them with the supported heroes! Battle and win on the special stage and achieve an Epic prize.

Try different strategies.

There is no place for luck in this game. The only thing that determines the winner will be players' skills and strategies.Preset the starting hero and plan out the strategy in advance. Even if you don't choose a starting hero, you can level up faster with more starting gold than others.

- Play with high quality graphics - Meet an Auto Battler game with overwhelming graphics with a real-life-based design. Enjoy the spectacular battles of heroes that came to life!

Don't be afraid to lose.

There is no such thing as eternal winner, especially in this game. Receive defeat Gold bonus plus a random 1st to 2nd-class hero after you have lost sometimes.

Achieve the dramatic victory from defeat bonuses.

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