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Maze Path of Light
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Maze Path of Light is a Game on Android , Puzzle New and free .

Play classic square mazes or discover many more original ones : circular, triangular, hexagonal or even bunny , guitar or tree shaped mazes. Challenge yourself with seven different game modes including unique intertwined labyrinths with teleportation portals. Progress through the catalog and unlock over 80 combinations of maze sizes, types, shapes and game modes .

- Easy to play - Swipe to guide the light through the maze and find the exit

- Relax with small mazes or try to solve more advanced ones

- Master 4 types of mazes - square, triangular, hexagonal and circular

-Start with classic mazes and unlock six extra game modes: time limited, restricted moves, token collection, token collection with restricted moves, intertwined mazes with teleportation portals, intertwined mazes with restricted moves

- Try our funny shaped labyrinths

- Explore over 3 000 unique mazes

This game has been made with love by a small team of three independent developers.

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