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Spark Genies
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Spark Genies is a Game on Android , Puzzle New free and Multiplayer .

A unique blend of three genres: MATCH GEMS, MINER and BREEDER in a lovely distopian world. This is the best of the breeding games. Make your way deep down by TAPPING on the GEMS that are next to the soil to dig it. Dig ANTIQUES, MINERALS and FOSSILS buried deep inside the ground.

FEED the lovely Spark Genies with gems of the same color to FILL their POWER UP. Use the sparkling powers of your Spark Genies to bash the rocks on your way. Each Spark Genie has a different and unique power up. Fill your STASH of all the antiques you find until your movements are over. YOU CANNOT LOSE! But you can have more movements to reach deeper if you improve your shovel. THIS IS AN ENDLESS GAME!!!

Meet the lovely MYSTIC, the curator of the local MUSEUM in Dragon City. Donate the antiques to the museum to obtain awesome rewards.

Those rewards include EGGS to obtain new Spark Genies. Repeated Spark Genies will provide permanent free uses of their power up. Dozens to find, each one being unique and lovely in their own way.

- SMOOX the octopus - likes smooching

- GARUGA the lovely dragon of Dragon City - it uses an awesome flaming power up

- TERRACORA the fish - scary and powerful

- JELLYPORIA the slug - it has a shell in its back, but it's not a snail

- KINKANI the octopus - tints the gems of the desired color

- FOZZY the furry - lovely and explosive

and many more!!!

With the Power Ups of your Spark Genies, dig a tunnel as DEEP as possible to find PRECIOUS MINERALS and other rare antiques. How deep can you reach? It's only limited by your shovel!

Do you need an specific antique? The museum of Dragon City needs another shell or two? Use RADARS to create a temporary EXPEDITION. In the map screen you can see all the available expeditions. Each expedition has a common antique that you can find very regularly, so choose your expedition wisely. OR PLAY THEM ALL!

There are three new expeditions three times a day. Be sure to come back to play them and progress faster.

When completing a museum you will be able to prestige it. The museum will become more demanding but in return the rewards will be better.

This game is filled with many characteristics

- New levels EVERYDAY.

- The market in Dragon City restocks the content EVERYDAY.

- A new Link'em all challenge EVERYDAY that gives EVEN MORE AWESOME PRIZES.

- Obtain GADGETS to help you dig even deeper down.

- Upgrade your gadgets and shovel using ingots.

- Find buried chests. To open a chest you need a key. Each type of chest uses different keys.

- The GARBAGE COLLECTOR appears in Dragon City every week to change the garbage found for CURRENCY.

- The BATTY BANK offers awesome DISCOUNTS to the best players.

- New Quests EVERYDAY.

- 7 different locations, each one with unique antiques.

- Each shovel is more powerful than the previous one, but they are harder to improve.

- There is a rainbow chest hidden deep inside. It's the only chest that can give you an egg.

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