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Journey To Planet Earth
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Journey To Planet Earth is a Game on PC , Adventure Action , New free and Multiplayer .

Journey To Planet Earth takes place in a real world location, a small village like many others on earth, a place with his strenghts and weakness, a place where Past Present and Future happens at the same time...

You are a lonely traveler brought here by the Space Research Program, your mission is to find out how Earth and its People could ended up like that. It was supposed to start your visit in Manhattan but something went wrong with gps and you dramatically landed in a small village north Italy, your ship broke but you’re ok .

You need to find at least 6 Pieces of your ship, bring them to landing site, repair the ship and go back home with as much informations as you can.. Lone Travelers are used to get bored waiting folks to join their trip back to Earth .

Good News Everyone

Now you can start your Journey Solo, as a new Traveler enter the world new pieces are spawned, more pieces more experience but remember, traveler's ships sometimes totally broke, so don't get stuck on that planet till another Traveller arrives…

Time is your Enemy, you don't like water, the more time you spend on Earth the more you get wet, cause of the atmosphere, watch out from river and water bullets too!

You can Jump,Double Jump, Charghe Jump, Wall Jump, Wall Run, Fly, Dash, Drive....oh! "Batteries" can run out of energy....

If you collect Floppy Disks you Gain More Power, Bigger Jumps Bigger Fun

It’s not a game about Big Wonderful Cities we all dream to live in (think also about cultural growth not just dimensions); it is about the place we all live, think about your own. It’s a game about lot of things... like everything happens around you from childhood to human extinction .

World could be Different .

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