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Bit Legend
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Bit Legend is a Game on Android , Role-Playing RPG , New free and Multiplayer .

Explore a vast world and battle zombies in this classic retro RPG .

- Retro Pixel Art - Immerse yourself in the nostalgic pixel graphics and flashy action gameplay.

- A Vast World With a Captivating Story - Explore and battle your way through a vast wasteland inspired by your favorite bit heroes and zombies.

- Capture Over 100 Heroes & Zombies - Collect & craft endless pieces of loot from dungeon exploration to increase your power and build your team by capturing heroes and zombies.

- Deep PvP and World Boss Raids - Crushing battles in six vast zones with over 70 randomly-generated levels, dungeons and raids, and creating the most powerful guild to take into world boss raid at your side .

- Diverse and Frequent In-Game Events - Fighting isn’t the only thing do! Try your hand in designing for your Hero Visual and Hero Home. Fishing in-game to get more resources. Thousands of mix and match pieces of loot to upgrade, craft, and recycle. Team up with friends/guild to tackle ultra-difficult dungeons to find great treasure .

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