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Fate Arena
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Fate Arena is a Game on PC , Strategy Battle Arena , New free and Multiplayer .

Become King of the Arena ! Merge, upgrade and crush your opponents in this last-man-standing strategic online multiplayer battle arena. Featuring 8-player gameplay! Collect over 50+ unique cards and upgrade them to defeat your enemies! Choose your units strategically and position them on the board to out smart your opponents. Do you have what it takes to climb the ladders and be the best? Unlock new arenas as you earn more trophies to gain access to even more bigger, badder units to control.

Game Key Features :

- 8 player real-time multiplayer gameplay

- Over 50 unique heroes, and 3 tiers per heroes

- Crazy fun merging mechanic that makes your heroes super strong in game

- Upgrade your card collection to beef them up even more when you go into battle

- Build a new team every round and strategically place them

- Play with friends

- Earn tokens to open chests and gain new cards and gold

- Unlock Arenas and access even more heroes .

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