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Earth Wars Retake Earth
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Earth Wars Retake Earth is a Game on Android , Action Role-Playing , New and free .

Game Introduction

In the year 2035, Earth has been conquered by the alien E.B.E.!

To reclaim the major city, New York, humanity decides to use their last resort.

Join the A.N.T.I. army for the only chance to be victorious with a large scale counterattack !!

Game Features :

-Counterattack mission, normal missions, and base defense!! DAERISOFT’s new action RPG!!

- Stunning action from characters of the highest quality!

Astounding effects explode every time you use your various skills!!

- Customize your own skills !

Customize skills to fit your playstyle!

- Extensive scenarios! Successful mobile version of the original game

24 hours left until humanity’s last hope is gone. The A.N.T.I. army must show what they’re made of!

- Just leave the game on if you’re too busy to protect your base!

The essential idle mode for the modern man - Base Defense !!

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