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Dino Squad TPS
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Dino Squad TPS Dinosaur Shooter is a Game on Android , Action Shooter , New free and Multiplayer .

Good news, everyone ... we have just cancelled the Fifth Extinction ! Dinosaurs are real , and they are back in action. Dino Squad is a hectic multiplayer PvP shooter with unmatched sense of scale and gameplay variety. Play however you want and prove that you are the cleverest Dino handler around .

Game Features :

- Striking visuals. Come on, just look at the pictures!

- 17 - seventeen! - Dinos. They bite, they lash out, they do tail sweeps - and, of course, they shoot. Those mounted weapons are no joke.

- No Dino is the same. Pick a sneaky velociraptor and hide under everyone’s legs, or go full T-Rex if you want EVERYONE to notice you

- Customization, Jurassic-style. Collect your Dino Squad, select weapons and armor and make your beautiful attack Triceratops truly yours!

- S-s-skill-based progression! Show your combat prowess — and your Dinos will get stronger along with you

- Survival of the fittest. Adapt to environment on 6 huge maps. Tall grass, hot lava and unpredictable water flows can become both your friends or foes .

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