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Infinite Arena
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Infinite Arena is a Game on Android , Role-Playing New and free .

Join with other players from around the world to lead your unique formation of heroes through epic real-time battles . Recruit. Conquer. Craft. Dominate .

Equip and customise your heroes, setup formations, then sit back and watch them battle automatically in real-time . Cast powerful spells to turn the tide of battle .

Game Features :

- Distinct Heroes -

Each hero is distinct! A large pool of job types, traits and body parts ensures that each hero is unique . Work your way through job specific skill trees that unlock powerful skills for each hero . Reincarnate and Promote your heroes to surpass even the strongest of enemies .

- Loads of Equipment -

Equip your heroes from a massive selection of items . Select items that suit the role of each hero to maximise their effectiveness . Match items of the same Affinity to gain powerful bonuses .

- Crafting & Upgrade System -

Collect components from battle to craft and upgrade items for your heroes . Efficiently craft while offline to maximise profit and fun .

- Auto-Conquest System -

Setup your hero formation and set them loose to clear stages automagically - earning gold, equipment and items .

- Worldwide PvP -

Compete with commanders from all over the world . Progress through ranked leagues for ever increasing rewards .

- Offline Loot Vault -

Clear stages and defeat players while you are online to increase the amount of gold earned while offline .

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