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Mini Tank Fire
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Mini Tank Fire is a Game on Android , Shooter TBS , New free and Multiplayer .

The Mini Tank war is on . Enjoy fast paced 3-min turn-based shooting battles anywhere, anytime . Play in premade with your friends and show them what you've got .

Mini Tank Fire is casual and easy-to-play featured with 5V5 battle mode. You can select from a wide variety of distinct and cute tanks to fight. Think of better tactics and wait for the right timing and fire the cannon . The war has begun .

Game Features :

- An Epic Mini Tank Battle. Aim and Fire -A classic horizontal shooting game with a unique matching system - "BONUS continual battles" which provides you fast-paced battles! No more waiting, no more searching, let's begin the game right here, right now .

- Fast 3-min Turn-based Shooting Game - Enjoy the multiplayer online battle and join a 3-min quick combat anytime, anywhere with your friends .

- Challenge Yourself in Cross Server Battle - Playing cross-server and challenge players from all over the world! Be careful! Your opponent could be very strong .

- Choose From Four Major Classes - Attacker, Ranger, Healer, or Support roles…Take your time to find what you're uniquely good at, with dozens of tanks for you to choose from! Equip tanks with special skins and trigger exclusive effects .

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