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Just Survive Arena
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Just Survive Arena is a Game on Android , Casual New free and Multiplayer .

Do you have what it takes to survive an endless onslaught of brutal and devastating obstacles in an arena of death? I didn't think so, nether does Collin... And even if we did, at least you don't have to endure the pain like he does .

Join Collin the Orc, and his friends to defy death by competing in a brutish arena, endlessly avoiding obstacles and surviving as long as possible. Prepare yourself by obtaining powerful items, and goodies which will help you last just that little bit longer .

No gimmicks. no tricks. no unexpected costs. Just a genuine stroll in an arena of death. What could go wrong ?

Game Features :

- free to play

- Incredibly simple mechanics

- Brutal traps and obstacles to avoid

- Unlock different Arenas to give yourself even more of a challenge

- Unlock different characters and customise your brutal looks

- Unlock epic skills to give you that survival edge

- Complete missions, and achieve even greater rewards

- Share your deaths to friends over social media .

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