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Until Dead
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Until Dead is a Game on Android , Strategy TBS , New and free .

The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us ! As one of the last survivors fight through the hordes of undead in this unique turn-based puzzle game , where your wits are as important as your brawn .

In Until Dead you will have to :

- Carefully plan your moves

- Think ahead and choose the best strategy

- Observe the actions of your enemies

- Use dozens of items and powers to your advantage

- Survive over 80 challenging levels

Until Dead - Think to Survive is a potent genre mashup, mixing styles and challenges of a turn-based tactical game, puzzle game, stealth game, and survival. In this one-man war against the impossible odds, you will have to give it your best if you want to survive. The zombie horde is waiting for a single mistake and survival will require careful thought and consideration.

In each level you will control a single survivor, making your moves one tile at a time. Every move counts and a single mistake can be fatal, so take your time to come up with the best solution. The stakes will keep on rising from level to level, and only by mastering all of the game’s mechanics, items and special powers you will be able to overcome all obstacles.

The unique Noire art style brings the game world to life and creates a dark atmosphere of constant danger. Until Dead - Think to Survive will immerse you in its world and its dangers. It is up to you to survive in it !

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