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Call Of Magic
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Call Of Magic is a Game on Android , Role-Playing New free and Multiplayer .

The dark tide is swarming over the world, and we must survive . The expedition force’s victory is but a minor one, but the factions of the dark forces are igniting the flames of war once again. Lead the heroes, be prepared, expand the territories, build your alliances, and fend off the dark forces .

Game Features :

- Fantasy Land, Epic Battles - Unique Hero story line, lead heroes from different factions and eradicate the evil forces .

- One world, one server - Defeat monsters, gather resources, plunder other players, and share the server and play with the players from all over the world.

- City Building System - An expedition camp, an outpost, a fort, or a castle? Tons of design styles are up to you to select from, produce resources, train troops, explore the art of arcane, and make your kingdom strong.

- Don’t grind, get it Exp. the time - Long term idling level production, never lag behind.

- Choose from 100+ Epic Heroes - 4 factions, 20 races, 100+ heroes!

Tons of fantasy heroes with different fight styles .

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