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The West - Online
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The West is a Free to play, Browser Based, Adventure MMO Game, featuring an incredibly slow gameplay and is based on the wild west.

The big advantage of The West game is that is completely free to play in any chosen Browser, on the other hand the game is painfully slow, meaning that if you start to play at the age of 13 until you buy your first firearm you wil be 18 or so. For some this is an advantage because they gonna have lots of time doing other thing while the character in the game will grind, very hard ,to earn some dollars doing lots of odd and unplesant jobs for the player. For others is meaningless to say what will happen with them (probably, they gonna go crazy prematurely and will not reach the age of 18).

If you go over the very slow gameplay of the game you will discover that the map is filled with possible pleasant jobs and activities and can be activated through reaching certain goals. A duel is the fight between 2 players and certainly could not be absent from a game inspired by the Wild West. To challenge other players you have to be member of a town and your town needs a mortician. You then need to go to the town of the player you want to challenge and go to the saloon. A duel is separated into 8 rounds. Each player has eight chances to try to land a hit and eight changes to dodge the attack from the other one. To land a hit you need good attack value. To evade a hit you need a good defense value. You can set a dueling tactic by clicking on the menu 'Duel'. By setting the striking and dodging zones you can also alter the damage. Here you can set a few different things. For one you can set where you want to aim. Depending on the area you hit you make different amounts of damage. If you hit a shoulder you make 15% more damage. Hitting the head creates 50% more damage.

Towns play a central role in The West. Here you can bind with other players and build up a strong, powerful town. Every building you work on gives advantages to you and the other players. You can not join more than one town at a time. With the help of the other members of your town you can construct several different buildings in your town. Just like any other job the construction of buildings needs labor points.

Overall "The West" may be fun but only for those with tons of patience, so sadly this game is not for everyone.


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