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Chaos Lords Tactical RPG
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Chaos Lords Tactical is a Game on Android , Action Role-Playing , New free and Multiplayer .

Chaos Lord is a mobile tactical RPG action game that takes place in a unique fantasy world of Tartesia. The main gameplay is concentrated in a single-player campaign, but the game has PvP elements, as well as the rivalry between guilds, which the developers promise to focus on in the future.

Key features :

- Innovations and classics - Detailed Fantasy World full of wonders and dangers. Campaign with an exciting story and elaborate characters, exciting battles, and beautiful graphics. Explore the mysterious Tartesia and remember that only a true hero will find beauty in the reflection of Beholder's eyes.

- Unlimited customization options - Experiment with dozens of heroes and hundreds of soldiers. The developed tree of development units allows you to try out numerous combinations and create countless unique strategies.

- Dungeons & missions: Numerous game modes - endless dungeons, challenging missions, campaign quests, roaming monsters and Grand battles with majestic World Bosses. Each game mode contributes to a unique gaming experience.

- Real confrontation - Random opponent ? A worthy opponent for once? Not in Tartesia. The Guild system is designed for sufferers of real struggle .

- Equipment matters - Quality armor is rare. An excellent blacksmith worth his weight in gold, and his work is worth a lot of money. You will have to try to collect at least one set of excellent equipment, but the result is worth the effort.

- Awesome and different - Numerous detailed monsters. Each of them with its own model of behavior and tactics of warfare, each requires its own approach-hordes of bloodthirsty gnolls, inspiring fear of the dead and inveterate thugs and mercenaries .

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