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Divina – Online
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Divina is a 3D Free to play, Role Playing MMO Game in a fantasy world and featuring a unique "Divine Wheel".

In Divina players can study the creatures around them, and eventually gain the ability to imitate both their skills and their physical form, all thanks to a little system known as the "Creature Tome". Whenever you defeat eligible creatures (not all creatures are tome-worthy), you’ll gain credit towards "researching" them. Kill enough of them and you’ll gain access to their abilities and special rewards.

The graphics of Divina is a kind of cross breed between anime style and the vivid colored paintings, it's a very good loking and nice world to play.

In the world of Divina, it’s not the clothes that make the man, it’s the Divine Wheel. You could keep the same set of armor for the entirety of the game and not hamper your stats at all, because the majority of your main stats come from the Divine Wheel. Divine Wheel is a highly customizable device, it focuses your characters natural abilities and makes them stronger. A Divine Wheel is made up of five pieces one core at the center and four keys surrounding it. There are three classes of cores and keys.

Overall, Divina is a pleasant game to play, you not gonna have much time to get bored mainly because of all the quests that almost become annoying sometime but in a good way. A highly recomandation for all kind of players, especialy for thous, more younger one.



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