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Idle Monster Frontier
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Idle Monster Frontier is a Game on Android , Role-Playing Idle , New and free .

Capture and combine monsters to conquer in Idle Monster Frontier . Capture monsters on the frontier in this incremental monster battle idle RPG .

Combine hundreds of monsters and send them to monster battle with a unique idle monster battle RPG skill system .

Conquer the world with idle monster battles in this free to play idle monster capture game .

Game Features :

- Collect & Capture monsters, push the frontier to discover new monsters and send them to do idle monster battle

- Tap tap tap to level & combine your idle monster party

- Teach your idle monsters hundreds of monster RPG skills

- Complete daily quests for gems to level up your idle monsters and collect idle monsters

- Free to play idle RPG

- Build your base to enhance your abilities and cook up potions and epic scrolls while you're offline .

- Conquer different zones by defeating huge bosses to unlock new monsters and skills as you push further into the world .

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