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Idle Plague
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Idle Plague is a Game on Android , Idle Clicker , New and free .

Idle Plague is the most INFECTIOUS idle game out there! Infect and take over the world host after host, while exploring the beautiful 3D low poly organs .

Set off on your idle plague quest by recruiting fellow microbes. Your tap microbe will need help from his friends .

- Upgrade your microbes and spread the plague

- Idle, Recruit and upgrade big numbers of bacteria and viruses to produce tons of toxins

- Unlock organs and infect w/ plague one by one

- Mutate idle microbes to evolve

- Fuse idle plague bacteria and viruses to create new microbes with special benefits

- Fight plague bosses for special gifts and prizes

- Activate and evolve special boosters

- Set out on daily quests and receive gifts for completing them

- Kill the host w/ plague and infect the next one to generate host essence .

Challenge yourself in idle strategy and discover your next addiction in this unique plague game .

Game Key Features :

- Infectious idle tapper

- Beautiful hand-crafted 3D low-poly game

- Inspired by real organs, bacteria, viruses & plagues

- Offline gameplay

- Addictive boss fights

- Based on the human body

- Infection skill tree

- Lots of upgrades & mutations and loads of achievements .

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