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Lucid Adventure Idle RPG
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Lucid Adventure is a Game on Android , Idle Role-Playing , New and free .

Lucid Adventure Ranking No.1 Warrior Becomes Lv.1 ?! Help the Warrior become Rank No.1 again in Lucid Adventure .

Unique concept, solid storyline and attractive characters .

Meet Lucid Adventure : Idle RPG based on popular Naver Webtoon .

Warrior, Dark, Sora, Heart Heater and Hohoians .

Recruit various characters and upgrade them .

Lucid Adventure Idle RPG Features :

- Simple and easy gameplay .

- No need for tutorials! Get right into the game!

- Run the game and watch the characters get stronger .

- The characters will level up even when you're not playing the game .

- Explosive level-ups! Pouring Gold and weapons .

- Log in to the game from time to time and get enormous amount of rewards .

- Return and level up! Enjoy the fun of idle gameplay .

This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for extra items. Lucid Adventure Idle RPG is available in 6 different languages .

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