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Castle Defense King
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Castle Defense King is a Game on Android , Strategy New and free .

Prepare endless enemy waves by reinforcing castles, heroes and soldiers .

Reinforcement tips :

- Prepare your defense base by reinforce walls and soldiers first

- Try to combine unique heroes

- Finally, reinforce your tower and magic to challenge the conquer war

- As higher tower level, stronger the magic.

- There is a hero that uses the skill every time using magic.

Strategy Tips :

It's easier to defend by using 3 kinds of spells

Repair magic: Repairing the wall's health

Magic Bomb: Dropping magic bombs to attack enemies

Ice storm: Slowing down monsters that smash in blizzard

- Massive enemy wave

- Easy and simple strategy defense

- Cute heroes and various monsters

- Conquer war challenge to the limit

- Compete against the players in the world with enemy wave clear

- Free to Play

- Supported offline game without WIFI

- Supported Low spec devices

- Supported Tablet devices

- Supported achievements and leaderboard

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