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Meka Hunters
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Meka Hunters is a Game on Android , Action Shooter , New free and Multiplayer .

Meka Hunters is a casual multiplayer top down shooter with mechs . Fight other players online in smaller scale Battle Royale match .

Slightly different rule of Battle Royale , New player will join in the arena once a player is eliminated . Be the first to kill 15 players to win the match .

Meka Hunters is a casual game. Enjoy the game stress free without the fear of dropping ranks or levels. start and play the game anytime in the day, or night. just hop in and out .

Control is very easy to understand. Even babies can play it. just aim and shoot using 2 joysticks on screen. So easy, so casual. you can even play it while in bed. Does not need precision aiming or crazy movement skill. stress free .

No player advantage in multiplayer. Everyone is equal and no amount of money can buy player powers .

COSMETIC STORE - There is a lot of cosmetics to choose from. Buy with real money and own the cosmetic forever. Cosmetics will be stored in your collections for easy access .

Meka Hunters is a free to play games with no micro transaction required to progress the game. Player will be given options to buy cosmetics and it will not affecting the gameplay whatsoever .

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