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Zombie and Puzzle
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Zombie and Puzzle is a Game on Android , Strategy New free and Multiplayer .

Zombie and Puzzle is a RPG game, combining match-3 battle, building powerful shelters, collecting heroes with breathtaking PVP & PVE battles .

Game Features :

- Dispatch you troops and heroes to make excellent attacks

- Build a powerful shelter for your people

- Recruit epic heroes and build up your strong force

- Upgrade your troop and epic heroes

- Fight in the thrilling PVP battles with players from the world

- Get rewards by attacking enemies’ shelters

- Produce powerful weapons

- Upgrade your shelter, heroes, buildings and skills

- Collect precious resources to upgrade your troops and shelter

- Fight with your Alliance against the evil BOSS

- Explore the world map for precious resources and tools .

Zombie & Puzzle is a totally new game for players around the world , which added match-3 battle for the RPG users, added more interesting RPG part for the match-3 users .

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