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Strikers 1945 classic
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Strikers 1945 classic is a Game on Android , Arcade Action , New and free .

The first game of the Striker 1945 series was implemented in the mobile devices . Play this exciting shooting game for free .

How to play - Drag to move the fighter aircraft and the shot is fired automatically .

Aircraft attack type :

- P-38 - Focused shot, option - guided shot

- P-51- Diffuse shot, option - Gatling rocket

- SPIT FIRE - Diffuse shot, option - guide missile

- Bf-109 - Focused shot, option - guided Vulcan shot

- ZERO - Diffuse shot, option - drop bomb

- SHINDEN - Focused shot, option - large rocket

Game Features :

-Play a total of six aircrafts for free

-When you obtain a P item, the weapon power increases.

-You can start the game with full power from the beginning when you choose "FULL POWER START"

-Press Super Shot to use special skills for each fighter.

-Use bombs at the moment of crisis to protect them from enemy attacks.

-Available to change the game screen to the original screen in the setting.

-Available to get bomb item while playing.

-When you hit from enemy, your weapon power level is down one level.

-Earn gold bars during the game to score additional points.

-Supported achievements and leaderboards

-Supported 16 languages .

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