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Car Alien 3vs3 Battle is a Game on Android , Action Shooter , New free and Multiplayer .

Car Alien - Blazing Arena . Control your car to destroy the enemies and win glorious victory.

Game Features :

- Diversified Supercar System - Car Alien possesses more than 20 supercars with the looks as well as special skill set in correlative with 1 in 5 platonic role of MOBA Esport such as: antipersonnel ability, assassin, blows parrying, assistance and effects for players to choose from. Supercar system is upgraded to enhance strength, Special brand new supercars constantly updated

- Skill Manifesting - Constantly Combating in Death-match - Car Alien requires players to possess skills such as: moving, evading, precisely manipulating,.. to take advantages in 3v3 battles and win your team glorious victory. Outstanding skill is the only thing that can carry your team and let you become the “mobile legend” and be the Legendary team-carrying member.

- Simple control, easy to learn - Car Alien’s control system is precisely irreducible with 2 virtual keys: Keys in the left to control movement of characters and Keys in the right for giving the gruel, skills utilizing and AI target assistance for close by enemies.

It takes less than 5 seconds for players to skillfully manipulate in Car Alien

- Multiple of fascinating play modes - Free Fight: Let players participate in dogfight - single play mode with enemies (like in io games). The one can get the highest score will be the winner.

Team Match: Players, along with friends, will wallow in 3v3 fierce battles.

- Seasonal ranking play mode - There are 7 ranks for players to fight and conquer to become General. Ranks will be restarted every season .

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