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Jewel Mystery
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Jewel Mystery is a Game on Android , Adventure Puzzle , New and free .

Jewel Mystery , explore diamond and treasures in the dream garden.

Matching jewels, discover the diamond, access the lost manor. There are mysterious legends that can be solved by moving forward. First, complete missions, open new maps and puzzle after puzzle by combining gems. Second, the combination of the special gems can inspire the magical power of the gem, and let it help you solve difficult puzzles, obtain the ultimate treasure, become jewelry legend .

Game Features :

- 2, 000+ well-designed levels that will continue to be updated .

- Exquisite jewelry and interesting shapes are very attractive .

- Fantastic level design, shining diamonds, enjoy the game fun .

- Beautiful UI design, all of the older and children will love it .

- You can get the ultimate experience in this world of jewel and diamonds .

- All kinds of jewels and diamonds satisfy everyone's taste .

- Abundant rewards can be collected every day .

- There will be an auto prompt when you look for jewelry but can't find a match .

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