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Slam Dunk Santa
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Slam Dunk Santa is a Game on Android , Casual New and free .

Sorry kids , Santa put on a bit too much weight this Christmas and he’s too big to fit down the chimney! Hold up. He has an idea . This Winter Holidays, Join Santa and Rudolf as they take a page out of the basketball handbook. That gift will be throw down your chimney from the 3 pointer line, and if your skill is on point, you might even get a swish .

Game Features :

- Graphics that will make you cry from their beauty

- Procedurally generated infinite universe! IT JUST KEEPS GOING

- Variable chimney heights and roof pitches JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE

- Super advanced wind simulation engine

- Win the best prizes you have ever seen on our Weekly and Global leaderboards

- Over a GAZILLION customization variations

- The cutest animals you have ever seen

- Hip-Hop meets jingle bells soundtrack that will make your ears cry

- More exclamation points than Any! Game! Before

Only you can make sure all the children get their presents in time for Christmas morning. It's in your hands. Well, at your fingertips.

Only two elves were exploited in the making of this game .

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