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Last Kings
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Last Kings is a Game on Android , Role-Playing RPG , New free and Multiplayer .

Become a hero (or not ) and bring glory to your name as you build your own domain . In Last Kings featuring decent graphics through the Unreal Engine, you can build your domain the way you like, based on the faction you've chosen and heroes with powerful, spectacular skills .

Obtain the power of the Aurum, rule the world that fell into ruin, build a powerful guild, and create a force with friends all over the world. Eliminate your enemy through Army Battles .

- Grow your domain the way you want

Drive out villains from your domain, and save your people from danger.

Expand your domain to grow it into a city of agriculture or a military base.

- The growth of various heroes

Prepare for battles with various heroes.

Emerge victorious in dungeon battles and Army Battles by growing your Heroes.

- Guilds with friends from all over the world

Gather with friends from all over the world to build the strongest guild.

Seize power and gain control over the land through guild wars. Today, you are king.

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