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Shadow Seven is a Game on Android , Strategy TBS , New free and Multiplayer .

Introduction of ShadowSeven - Battle of seven leaders and mercenaries to prevent the resurrection of the seven demons who were sealed in the 7th kingdom for centuries. Become a hero/heroin by winning a combat considering characteristics of leaders and mercenaries .

- The fun of various strategies - Create a victorious strategy with a combination of 7 Individual leaders and 36 mercenaries .

- A unique story and individual character - Meet the various characters matching main story and the hidden side story .

- Unique battle system - Choose carefully each turn, like a board game, to win for the battle game .

- Global real time PVP - Experience a strategic PVP with users from all around the world in real time .

- Various power-up factors - Gather characters pieces and make them stronger with promotion system .

Make stronger characters with powerful equipments .

- Access authorization for smartphone apps - Access required to provide the following services when using the app .

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