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My Coloring 3D Pixel Art Diorama
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My Coloring 3D Pixel Art Diorama is a Game on Android , Puzzle New and free .

Color according to the numbers on the screen to create beautiful dioramas and let go of your daily stress as you read calming and soothing stories .

The unique fairytale-like 3D pixel art design makes for a delightful and enjoyable experience to alleviate everyday stress. Continually updated 3D pixel art models will help you end the day on a high note.

A color filling game for adults.

Soothe your mind and relax as you color the boxes in according to the numbers on the screen.

Select the diorama you want and use the palette to bring it to life to the accompaniment of relaxing background music.

Complete the pages of your coloring book and create your very own little world.

Game Features :

- A color filling game for all players young and old, playable anywhere and whenever

- Highly intuitive gameplay, filling in colors according to number cues

- Game styles and coloring skills to boost focus and imagination

- Cats, unicorns, and numerous other adorable 3D pixel art characters

- Free 3D pixel art and color palettes

- Beautiful diorama designs and healing BGM and stories

- Share completed works with your friends on social media

- Time lapse video camera feature to relive the experience of completing works

- Sustained content updates

- Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, French, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian

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