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CityBattle Virtual Earth
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CityBattle Virtual Earth is a Game on PC, Action Shooter FPS , New free and Multiplayer .

CityBattle Virtual Earth is a free to play online shooter framed on a alternate reality where complex military robots fight for dominance on Earth . The robots have several abilities, a huge variety of classes and subclasses and teaming then up strategically will be key for winning the battles .

The battles are played in different maps in several games modes, from casual to actual map dominance. Players have the option of settling in city, from Marseille to Beijing or from New York to Moscow, thousand of these cities fight to lead and dominate other cities . Players just find their city on the map of Virtual Earth, join the Army and fight the invaders .

The Army gives the players various classes of military robots, but it’s up to them to tune and gear them up. They can adjust abilities, such as Stealth and Power Shield, to their unique fighting style. Players are to fight the pilots of the world’s most powerful cities and gain TechnoParks, the high-tech plants that fill their pockets and the city budget as well .

Game Key Features :

- Seven basic classes, over 70 subclasses -

The Assault subclasses: The Bomber soars over the battlefield, dropping bombs.

The Scout prefers short distance fighting, unpredictable dashes and freezing rays. The Thunder frequently changes positions, firing salvos of 3 guided missiles.… and 15 other subclasses.

- Simultaneous levelup -

No need to level each class independently. A player’s Assault level automatically spreads to the Guard, Phantom and Tech.

- Switch classes during the battle -

Create up to 20 subclasses to suit every fighting style, keep them in the hangar and switch them as needed.

- Fair monetization -

Players pay only for speedier leveling and visual upgrades.

- Customize your robots -


Some of their abilities among many others:

- Assault : The Assault controls the battle from above while flying with its jet thrust and bombing enemies

- Bomber: Uses smart weapons to attack the enemies while using its stealth capabilities.

- Guard: strong armor and power shield keep him alive while tanking enemy damage

- Tech: A support class that works as a healer and can teleport within the map.

- Sniper: Ranged deathly attacks and invisibility are its weapons

- Firebug: a tank robot with a flamethrower ready to command the frontline

- Saboteur: a damager with deathly weapons and scanning skills

LEVELING - For combat experience robot pilots earn Chips and Modes that improve the abilities of their robots.

CITY MANAGEMENT - The cities of Virtual Earth are governed by their residents. Players win the elections in your own virtual city and become its Mayor. They will control the budget, salaries, form alliances and declare wars. Another thing that you’ll do is hire ministers.

- Minister for War -

is responsible for the city’s army equipment and training. Supports the army with military drones, launches rockets or deploys auxiliary machines to key battles.

- Minister for Culture and Social Development -

is responsible for attracting new residents, their entertainment and the content of the TV channel of his/her virtual city.

- Minister of City Planning (Architecture) -

is responsible for the Master Plan of the city. He/she decides what buildings, parks and roads will be built .

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