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Light Trail Rush
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Light Trail Rush is a Game on PC, Arcade Action , New free and Multiplayer .

Light Trail Rush is an arcade-style hybrid of vehicular brawler and free-flow 3D space flight. Eight players compete for points in a frenetically paced atmosphere , where 1st place draws the track and the seven other players aim to push other ships off the track or overtake the lead .

Gameplay :

- Addition of 2 new arena variations. (total of 6)

- A priority on the allocation of points is included according to the power-up used.

The order is as follows: Shield / Shockwave / Dash Attack > EMP Mine / Confusion Zone > standard collision between ships > runway excursion / solo crash.

For example: Player A uses a Dash Attack on player B, then player B's ship passes through player C's EMP Mine, reward points will still be awarded to player A.

- The EMP mines no longer appear 50m in front of the launcher, but automatically at the entrance of the next turn, regardless of its distance. If there is no turn, they appear 20m behind the Tracer.

- Redesign of the Dash-Attack power-up: It is no longer launched instantly. It now needs one second to charge before it’s activated. During this second, the target of the Dash attack is prevented by a flashing red visual feedback on the player's screen.

Menu/HUD :

- It's now possible to adjust the sounds (music and sound effects) in the options

- There are now 3 server regions (US, EU, Asia) the connection is made on the server with the lowest latency. It is possible to change the region manually, the box is above the nickname.

- Latency feedback is now always displayed at the bottom right of the screen.

- An icon is added to the scoreboard, symbolizing which player is Tracer.

- It's now possible to use the joystick in vehicle customization. To use it : restore the default controls in the options.

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