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Gates to Terra II
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Gates to Terra II is a Game on PC, Turn-Based Strategy , New free and Multiplayer .

Gates to Terra II is a turn-based strategy where you will command multiple heroes, buy them items and outmatch your opponent. Play against another player. Pick your team of 8 heroes with different traits. Experiment with different lineups and strategies to win .

Game Features :

- Multiple possible combination of heroes and countless playstyles to choose from

- Practice with the AI or test your strategic skills in online play

- Customize your heroes and buildings with skins

- Rank-up to be the strongest player .

Objectives :

- capture all enemy Points OR

- destroy an enemy Camp OR

- get 10 hero kills


- click to select units

- right click to move around the camera

- mouse wheel to zoom in/out

- keys 1,2,3,4 can be used as command shortcuts .


- a Camp can summon an available hero per turn.

- a hero/unit can use "move", "attack" and "skill" once per turn.

- you can buy up to 3 items for each heroes. Items are upgradable

- a Point gives +20 gold per turn.

- slaying an enemy hero gives +200 gold.

- slain heroes takes 2 turns to revive before he can be summoned again.

- each player has 3 mins. to make his turn .

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